Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why I Love My Friends

A couple Christmas' ago my Dad bought me the boxed set of all ten seasons of the TV show,
Friends. Of course this is exactly what I asked my Dad to get me for Christmas. That is how it is with my Dad, you have to tell him EXACTLY what you want or else you may end of with a calendar featuring naked or partially naked men.

I just recently pulled out the boxed set again and started them over from the beginning. I had forgotten how much I love this show! There is something in every single episode that makes me laugh so hard and I love watching the friendships of these characters evolve and the definitely think Ross and Rachel "were on a break."

I have also been able to draw parallels with things that happen on that show that remind me of things or people in my own life. For example, there is an episode where Rachel has something wrong with her eye but refuses to let anyone help her with it or go to the eye Dr. She has this thing about putting things in her eye or letting anyone touch anywhere near her eye. I had this same thing happen with Ryno, he needed eyedrops for some reason but every time I tried to get close enough to put them in he would jerk away or close his eye. I call this having one of my "
Friends" moments. There is another episode called, "The One With The Screamer," where Ben Stiller guest stars as "the screamer," a guy that Rachel dates that has anger control problems that manifest themselves very much the same way someone with road rage would. Once again, Ryno has some road rage issues and whenever he shows this side of himself, I tell him, "this is just like an episode of Friends!" He doesn't really seem to care. He doesn't get my love for this show.

I don't know many people who love this show as much as I do. Although I do know they are out there, I just don't know any of them. But, I am not obsessed, I don't have posters of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler on my walls. But, there was a time that I bought a hair product because that is what Jennifer Aniston used for her signature "
Rachel hair." My hair never looked like Rachel's did. But at least I tried. I have tried to have "Rachel hair" more than once in my life. Come to think about it, my current hairstyle is similar to circa1999 "Rachel hair," only not as good.

To me,
Friends will always be like that old friend that you don't get to see that much but when you do it is like you were never apart. You pick back up where you left off and nothing has changed.

"I'll Be There for You, because you're there for me too."


  1. And I'll be here for ya, too!

    I like the show, too. Always watch episodes on TV even if I've seen them a million times. They had the best lesbian storyline for a long time, and I have this really bad habit of always saying "LUNdun, baby!" when the city comes up in conversation ...

    Rachel's hair is overrated. I always liked Monica's much more:)

  2. What "Friends" is to you, "Seinfeld" is to me. I'm always saying: "There was a 'Seinfeld' about that!" Usually people don't know what I'm talking about...

  3. I did try to get a Rachel haircut in 1995. It was not right.
    I wonder how many people like me were out there walking around with messed up Rachel cuts?