Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On The Road Again ...

We are off to North Idaho in the morning to spend some time with the family and see my sister play Eponine, in Les Miserables. Getting ready to head out for a few days is always an adventure in itself. First of all, we have to pack so much. There are all those little "what ifs?" What if D needs this or that? I think I have gotten a little better. The key is to remember that we are coming back. Sometimes I think I forget that.

So once everything is snuggly in its place in the car and we are ready to go, I remember that D hates riding in the car. He usually averages about 1/2 hour of sleep for a five hour drive. Not a good ratio. Don't know why can't be more like me and just get the overwhelming urge to sleep in the car. I have always gotten motion sickness and growing up was always given Dramamine, which makes me sleepy. So now, I have been conditioned that if I am a passenger in a car, I go to sleep. Ryno hates this. But, I think he is pretty used to it by now.

I plan to do some driving so Ryno will have a chance to take in the lovely scenery of Central Washington then Eastern Washington ... probably our first stop will be Ellensburg for some Starbuck's and a burger, then probably Moses Lake where we will need to refuel. This will be followed by at least one stop at either a rest stop or Ritzville (where there is also a Starbucks.) Before you know it we will be in the heart of Spokane, remembering why we moved away. Then just 30 more miles down the road, the place where I grew up, and where the people that I love live. North Idaho has changed a lot since I lived there but it will always feel like home to me. Some things never change. And I wouldn't want them to.

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  1. Have fun. I'll send sleepy vibes D's way. You know my kid doesn't sleep in the car either. :)