Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Big Buzzzz ...

Recently we had a string of pretty hot days ... at least for the Seattle area. In an effort to keep my two-year-old son cool, I suggested that we give him a haircut ... ourselves. Usually my Mom, D-Man's Nana gives him haircuts, since this is what she used to do for a living.

So Ryno took out his clippers and proceeded to buzz off D's hair, I wasn't even in the room yet. I was a little shocked when I finally came into the room and saw that half of my son's beautiful hair was gone. I didn't know he was going to go quite as short as he did. Ryno said he really only knows how to cut hair one length ... completely gone.

I never realized what a large forehead my son has until he didn't have any hair to cover it up. While he is still cute ... I think I will have him grow his hair a bit longer and do without the buzz cuts in the future, but for now at least he is not hot. That could be because the rain started the day after we had our "brilliant" idea. You live and you learn.


  1. He's so darn cute...with or without hair.

  2. He looks older now! And Kerrie is right-- he's still as cute as ever.

  3. Oops.. anonymous directly above is me. :)

  4. I was so smitten, I dreamed about you guys last night. It was funny, too, because the dream lasted probably as long as a real visit would have. Not that it was anywhere near as good as the real thing:) When I left, Ryno kept telling me, "Don't take that bag! Don't take that bag!" (by the door.) I was like, "I wasn't going to take that bag." So watch for bags left next to your front door. This must mean something:)