Monday, August 11, 2008

An Affair To Remember

So yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary. It kind of sneaked up on me. Amazing how after a few years anniversaries seem to do that. I remember back in high school when Ryno and I celebrated our first year together ... it was such a big deal. Something that I looked forward to almost as much as my birthday. I remember getting a dozen roses and going out to a fancy dinner. I guess that the passage of time, becoming a parent and just plain-old life makes us forget why we celebrate and why it is important to remember.

Since, yesterday was not one for the record books in the romance department (we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant down the street, D-Man would not sit still and I had to take him outside a few times just to appease.)
So I decided I would post some photos from our wedding as kind of a tribute to our 14 year journey together.

We were married August 10, 2002 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in my Dad's backyard. We were both 25-years-old and had already been together for more than 8 years.

My sister and one of my long-time friends sang "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain and "When I'm With You" by Sherrif (in my opinion the most romantic song ever!) and we wrote our own vows and even toasted with beer mugs.


  1. Congratulations! You anniversary celebrations sound very similar to my anniversary celebrations-- dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant.
    We aren't that far off-- mine is August 2nd-- we could swap babysitting next year if you want. :D

  2. Our anniversary was similar--we went out to dinner with baby in tow. It is strange how the romance gets put on the back burner when you have a kid. I think it will get much better when they learn to be more self sufficient though. We'll try again next year, eh? Cheers!

  3. Congratulations! I remember when you guys got married. Same year as Mr. T and I. Our 6th anniversary sounds eerily similar to yours. :) Actually, I can't even remember where we went to eat. All I know is that I was as big as a house then.