Monday, September 1, 2008

The Zombie Mobile

We were invited to a Labor Day BBQ over the weekend ... near Portland in Vancouver, WA, which is more than 150 miles away from us. The BBQ was at Ryno's childhood friend, A's house. We decided that we didn't have anything else going on and we were going to go. Sounds good so far, right? Well, throw D-Man in the mix and you have a whole new trip.

D-Man doesn't do very well sleeping anywhere but home, actually he doesn't really sleep that well at home either. Whenever we sleep away from home (at least the first night) he wakes up about midway through the night screaming and won't go back to sleep for, seriously hours and hours. We knew that this was a risk we were taking by staying the night at A's house. But, we figured with the next day being a holiday and no one having to get up for work the next day it would be fine. Guess again. As it turned out A's wife had to get up early the next morning for work ... so we all went to bed and D was as snug as a bug in his porta crib.

Then at 4 am the screaming started. Ryno retrieved D as quickly as possible from the next room and put him in bed with us. But, sleep was just not to be had. He quickly was climbing from the bed and saying "go go." So we got him up as quietly as humanly possible with a two-year-old and gave him some cereal, but this only gave him more energy. So by 5:30 am we decided rather than wake up the whole house we would load everything in the car and head for home. We felt bad leaving without a word to our hosts but thought it was better this way.

Ryno and I were both exhausted, we each got about 2 hours of sleep since we stayed up watching a movie with A the night before. We hit McDonald's for some iced coffee and crappy breakfast fast food. I drove almost the whole way home because as I put it, "I just want to get there and crawl into bed." Once we hit Tacoma, D was having none of it. His eyes were drooping and he was screaming and throwing his stuffed Piglet all over the car and yelling "biggie biggie!" But, we had to keep him awake until we got home otherwise he would think the 15 minutes he would have gotten at that point would be enough to sustain a few more hours of playtime at home ... but we made it, by 8:30 am we were in front of our house. No sleep was had for 4 1/2 hours and we were all showing telltale Zombie signs. We came inside plopped D down in his crib, he put his head down on the pillow and said "nigh nighs" and was out like a light. Ryno and I quickly followed suit and all was quiet in our little kingdom ... for a few hours at least.


  1. wow. Life sucks sometimes, in different ways, for everyone. I love you and hope that sleep comes your way very soon. love you.

  2. I don't know if it'll be the same for you, but my L was very much the same way about sleeping away from home at that age: He didn't. It was tough when we'd go to see family. Hotels weren't as big of a deal, but the same thing. He just wouldn't be able to calm down in an unfamiliar location. Now, however, he loves being in new places (and loves hotels!) I'm guessing once D understands a bit more about what's actually going on, he'll be better able to calm himself down. Something to look forward to for when you all return to Europe:)

  3. I feel for you. Thank goodness he went to sleep when you got home, huh? L still doesn't sleep through the night, so you are not alone.

  4. Oh man. That does NOT sound like fun. It reminds me of the last time we went to Portland. It was for a dog show, of course. We had to head out really early in the morning, like 4:30 a.m., because the show started at 8. Mr. T stayed out late the night before for a bachelor party, and I had to get up twice in the night with T Junior. We definitely had all the zombie signs, too.