Thursday, September 4, 2008

Full-Time Momma, Part-Time Library Page?

I recently applied for a part-time job, more for fun than anything. I didn't really think much would come of it. The job was for a library page for the King County Public Library System. Only an 8-12 hour per week gig. I thought it sounded about perfect for me. I love the library, books and needed some kind of employment to get me out of the house and back into the real world for a few hours per week.

Well, I got an interview, which I think went pretty well. But, I guess you never know. Maybe they hated me and were just too nice to let on. The hours are perfect, evenings and weekend. I could totally do this! They just have to hire me. They are doing more interviews next week so I won't hear anything until the end of next week at the earliest so ... I guess I just have to be patient.

Unrelated, but exciting ...

I recently talked to my sister, Darcy. She told me that when she gets back to NYC she has a meeting with Alicia Keys' manager to talk about representation. My sister has been networking like crazy lately. I guess all her hard work is starting to pay off. I will just keep on believing in her and eventually who knows ... maybe I will be sitting in the front row of that Broadway theatre sooner than I expected. Good luck Sister!


  1. Yay! Everyone has such good news lately. I'm so thrilled:) And keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you.

  2. Good luck! I don't know how they could not hire you-- you'd be perfect.
    my word verification to leave a comment has fart in it nqcwFART. I find that hysterically funny.