Friday, September 19, 2008

Order VS. Chaos

I started my new job this week at the library. So far it has been great. I sort and shelve books for four hours a night. Doesn't sound like fun to most people but, most people don't alphabetize their CDs either. I love order and knowing where to find things ... always.

This poses a problem in my house, Ryno is messy and resists order of any kind. He can never seem to find his keys, wallet, phone, brain ... ok, maybe the last one is always in the same place but if it wasn't part of him he would probably lose it too. We have a key rack in our kitchen and I ALWAYS hang my keys up. Ryno never does. But, when I see his keys in random places I usually pick them up and hang them up. Then when he needs his keys he can never find them because I have actually put them away for him. You would think he would be used to this by now, but it seems that they key rack is the last place on earth he looks.

I also find it amusing to watch him look for the oven mitts
to take something out of the oven ... the oven mitts are in the second drawer to the left of the oven; the same place they have been since we moved into our house more than 6 years ago. But, he can never seem to remember this. He opens every drawer except for that one looking for them. I have to laugh. He says things like, that is not where his mom kept the oven mitts when he was growing up ... hello, it has been more than 10 years since you lived with your mom!

It seems I have passed my obsessive-compulsive organizing nature onto D-Man. He likes things just so. If something is not in the right place he will stand there and point and make strange sounds or say, "Momma, Momma" until I come remedy the problem.
He has to have all plugs plugged into outlets, cabinets closed, closet doors closed, remote controls put away, I-Pod docked and dirty clothes thrown down the stairs, (Ryno has a hard time with this one because he leaves his clothes wherever in the bedroom and regardless of whether or not they are dirty they end up down the stairs if not put away.) Ryno blames me for teaching D-Man these things. But, I do not remember teaching him any of these things. It must be a trait he was born with, undoubtedly passed on by me.The one area this does not translate is his toys. He doesn't seem to care about the disarray in this one area. He has no problem spreading them throughout the whole house.


  1. Hell, now that I live on my own... I STILL can't find anything. And I'm fairly organized! The strangest thing was setting up the kitchen... what's the best place for the cutting board? Spatulas? Apron? I don't cook enough to know if one place is better than another... so I guess I'll just keep searching each time!

  2. Amy read all your blogs and loved them, thanks for sharing. You know my favorite is the last one about your husband.. mine is the SAME way! Cracks me up! Congrats on your library job, so glad you love it!

  3. Thanx for all the support Amy. I like to read your blog to and have a little award for you over at my blog.

  4. I envy your job among the stacks ... love the smell of books, love it! You go, girl.