Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yep, having another boy ...

I wasn't trying to get pregnant, but I wasn't totally opposed to the idea either. I didn't really think this was the right time with the economy as it is and us only have a two bedroom, one bathroom house. But, somhow I got pregnant anyway. My husband said it was my body making the decisions with no regard to what my mind said. Maybe this is somewhat true.
I know I wanted my son to have a sibling and I really wanted to have a baby girl. This is something I always thought I would have. I never gave much thought in all the daydreaming years about being the mother of boy. But, my first child is a boy. The truth is that it is great and I wouldn't want to change him for anything. But, I thought the second time around ... maybe just maybe, a girl? Nope, another boy. At first, I have to admit I was disappointed, which is something I will never ever tell him. I think I just really thought I had a shot at a girl. So I gave myself one day to be sad and feel sorry for myself, then told myself to quit it. This baby may be a boy but he is still MY baby and I will love him no matter what.
Now I have adapted to the idea of having two sons and a husband. I think it will be great and I am really truly excited! Why be sad over something you never had and maybe were never meant to have. I know how to be a good mother to a boy, so that is a plus and he will have lots of hand-me-downs and he will have the most awesome big brother in all the land. Having two boys will be a wild ride but I am so excited for it. Now I just need to work on getting a bigger house in a better school district.


  1. Being a mom of boys is awesome, as you know. Someday, when they're bigger, they can go to a "guy" movie with Dad, while Mom gets to go out shopping with her friends! :)

  2. Nothing to hold you back from having the baby girl you always wanted if you are willing to get pregnant again in time! Or adopt one of the many, many children out there who would love to have two loving parents and an enviable family life :)

    The world is your oyster and if you want to make it happen you will :)

    In the meantime enjoy your gorgeous son and look forward to another! All good :))

  3. I am looking here for photos of the NEW BABY!!!
    You gotta post some soon!