Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

Today is my son's third birthday. I can't believe he is three already. Time has really flown by. I know everyone says this but I remember him being tiny and so incapable of doing anything for himself. Now, he is becoming more and more self-sufficient every day. I love watching him grow and change. Every day is a new adventure, and I am enjoying the ride.

D-Man was born on July 23, 2006 at 5:34 am. He was 8 lbs. 10 oz.

The following is a recounting of the events that led up to his birth as remembered three years later.
Mid to late July of 2006 was unusually hot. It was around 100 degrees, and if you know Seattle weather, you know that is hot. So it was especially hard to be huge and 9 + months pregnant in that heat.
The night before we went to the hospital we slept in the basement, which I hate to do since I fear all the huge spiders. But, I guess I was desperate for a cooler place to sleep. I remember not being able to fall asleep and just crying and crying. Ryno didn't know what was wrong with me and I didn't either. I just kept saying that I didn't know why I was crying. So Ryno got a huge brownie from the store, we ate about half and then put the rest in the fridge. Eventually I fell asleep ... then awoke really early wanting more of that brownie, so I waddled my way upstairs to the fridge, gorged myself on the rest of the brownie. Then I waddled myself back down stairs and went back to sleep.
Then I woke back up around 10ish (don't really remember what time it was) got up and went upstairs because of course I had to pee ... looked in the mirror and saw that my early morning brownie gorging was still evident on my face ... all over my face. How embarrassing. After peeing I noticed that there was something funny happening ... my water had broken at least I think that was what was happening. I bow leggedly waddled out to tell Ryno. We really didn't know how to proceed. I was not having any pain or contractions so ... I called the hospital and spoke to a nurse who told me to come in, but told me there was no hurry so I could get ready and such.
So I showered, Ryno showered and we got our stuff together. It was so odd, we were calm and methodical. Who knew it would be like this? We got in the car with an empty car seat in the back, we knew when we came home that car seat would be filled with a brand new life. Crazy.
I called my mom in Idaho and told her to get in her car a make the 5 hour trek to the hospital, then called my friend Ciara and told her to do the same from Portland. We were on our way.
We got to the hospital, parked the car and began walking through the parking lot to the hospital. We got as far as the sidewalk before my water really broke. Suddenly, I was soaked down to my sandals. I was wearing a skirt and was wet all down my legs ending in a huge puddle on the sidewalk. Of course, this caused me to cry.
We made it into the hospital and I went to the info desk and told the woman that I was here to have my baby, she looked at me, rather alarmed and asked if I needed a wheelchair, I replied that I didn't need one and I could walk so she directed me to the elevator to go the birthing center. I got there and checked in at the nursing station where they were expecting me since I had called ahead. They set me up in a room and checked to make sure that my water had broken, which it indeed had. Everything was so calm, I sure didn't think it would be like this. Then the nurse came in to hook me up to pitocin and started the process. I didn't get an epidural right away because I wasn't hurting YET. But, soon enough the contractions started, then I wanted the drugs. I got my first epidural by a not so nice man, had a hard time sitting still. Apparently, I was too wiggly for it to work because it didn't. A few hours later I was in misery. My mom was there telling me to breathe, and I replied with I didn't want to, and didn't want to do this anymore. We knew it was time for another. But, I had to wait because the anestesiologist was in surgery ... so I waited and waited and waited. Finally I got another one and this time there was relief and I slept ... they woke me periodically to check me but I wasn't getting anywhere.
This is where my recollection is fuzzy but I know I didn't have my dr. because she was off that weekend. Instead I had a different dr. from the same practice, who was old and not very nice. But, at this point I wasn't really paying attention to that. I was paying more attention to the fact that they kept having to hook me up to oxygen. They said they were having a hard time with the baby's heart rate. After about 3 attempts at giving me oxygen they finally said I was going to need a c-section. Hearing this was devastating. That was the one thing I didn't want. And, it was the way the dr. said it. By now it was close to 5 am the day after I went to the hospital. The dr. said, "I am going home at 7 am so you will be having the baby before that." Even in my altered and vulnerable state I was shocked by this statement. I couldn't believe she was more worried about going home at 7 then about me having my child. I knew right then that I would never like this woman. The woman who was about to perform surgery on me a deliver my baby.
I remember them rolling me away in tears followed by Ryno. I saw the faces of my mom and Ryno's mom and they were so sad for me. Everyone knew I was scared to death of having a c-section. Now it was my reality. I remember then giving me some more drugs and trying to keep me awake, I guess I kept falling asleep. I think it was because I didn't want to deal. I do remember Ryno at my side, holding my hand. Then I heard the most beautiful sound, a cry. The cry of my son. It broke through everything else and I knew it was all ok. Then they held him up above the sheet that blocked my view of what was happening down below. What a beautiful face. They cleaned him up and let Ryno hold him, and for the first time I saw my very stoic husband cry a little bit. Then they got ready to wheel me back to my room and let me carry him. I remember that in the hallway all my family was there and they were following my bed being wheeled back to the room. It was all so surreal. Once we were there, the nurse took him to weigh and measure him and give him his first bath. I was in shock, for real. My jaw hurt so bad and my teeth were chattering. I remember my mom rubbing my jaw. But, I was happy. My son was here and he was happy and healthy. My life would never be the same. It would be better than I ever expected. Even with all the drama of his birth I know I am blessed to have a healthy and happy child. I am thankful everyday for him.


  1. Awesome story! Sorry it was such a traumatic experience - isn't it funny how the baby makes all the bad stuff fade away? Your son is simply gorgeous.

  2. Okay, you made me teary. He's such a beautiful baby and little boy. :)

  3. I haven't had time to get around to all the blogs, and just finished reading your wonderful birth story. I'm fuming about your doctor-- it's such a common thing for the doctor's schedule to dictate the way the baby is born-- but the end result was worth it all.