Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sad Truth, my life is now ... only being lived through Facebook

Lately I have been staring at my blog that I never update and wonder why? Why do I have such a hard time finding things to blog about? My life is really not that boring. But, still I can find nothing to say. Then I look at some of my friend's blogs, some people have so much to say and have a new one like every other day! (Kerrie, I am talking about you! You must be like superwoman.)

So instead of writing something super profound or interesting I am just going to say that I love my son, husband, family and friends so much and would love to chat and catch up with them the old fashioned way more often.

When I say old fashioned, I mean the telephone or possibly in person. It seems like most people don't have real relationships anymore and everyone lives vicariously through Facebook. I admit I am guilty of this too. I am addicted to Facebook. To me it is a little bit voyeuristic, which I love. You get to see a glimpse of other people's lives, but of course you have to remember it is only what they WANT you to see. You rarely get the real, true picture of someone's life. Wouldn't it be great if everyone was really as happy and successful as they seem on Facebook? I have really enjoyed getting to know who married who from high school or how many kids the Mormons that I went to school with have popped out, without really having to talk to them. But, these are not real relationships, and might as well not be real people. I think I want to try to have real friendships that can stand the true test - a phone conversation that lasts more than 5 minutes or a conversation over coffee and cupcakes.


  1. We had fun the other day. Let's plan for next Friday afternoon to get together. I am volunteering my house -- I'll send out an e-mail. :)

    PS: I keep a writer's notebook, so I get most of my ideas from there and I don't (can't) blog in one sitting. ;)

  2. I know what you mean. I struggle with what to blog about, without sounding boring. And facebook is like crack, I just can't stop going to it and reading everyone's updates.

  3. Ha, ha, ha... I have several LDS friends on Facebook that I knew in high school and I am also primarily interested in the size of their families.

  4. I have been silently following your blog and this one caught my attention because my friends/family and I have been talking about this a lot lately. We are so conditioned to settling for "electronic" communications that we are starting to refer to those communications as "talking." I told my sister this morning that a family friend "told" me she was pregnant. My sister wondered how, when and where I ran into that friend. So I shamefully explained that, by saying that I "talked" to this family friend, what I really meant is that she posted a Facebook status announcing that she was pregnant, and I read it. How sad! And P.S. Your blogs are not boring - keep it up:)