Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Last Two Weeks ...

I vow to blog more in 2009 ... really ... ok, I will at least try.

I just got home last night from two weeks at my parent's house in Idaho. It was only supposed to be one week for Christmas but there was so much snow and Snoqualmie Pass closing a few times ... we couldn't get home. But, finally we caught a break yesterday.

Man, it is nice to be home. There is nothing like sle
eping in your own bed, showering in your own shower and being surrounded by your own stuff. Not to mention that there is no snow here. In Idaho we were literally buried in it. I quickly remembered how to drive in the stuff. I think I had forgotten living in the Seattle area for the last 10 years. But, I guess some things you never forget. It was even fun driving in at times. My car has snow tires and all-wheel drive so it handles awesome in the white stuff. There was even an occasion on Christmas night that my sister, brother and I even got out of our car to push some guy's car that was stuck in front of us. Now, if that is not Christmas spirit, I don't know what is. We also followed a fire truck that was decorated from top to bottom with lights and even came equipped with a real Santa on top. The roads were terrible but that didn't keep the fire dept. from spreading Christmas cheer. We called that our "magical holiday moment."

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  1. You missed it all at home, too:) I shoulda taken pictures of your house. At one point, there was so much snow on your steps I had to virtually crawl up, lol!