Monday, September 8, 2008

Snake Pits and Brothels

A few weeks ago while in Idaho, my sister, Ryno, D-Man and my sister's friend, Matt and I went up to Wallace, Idaho to visit the Oasis Bordello Museum. This place was a working brothel until 1988 when it was raided by the FBI. The people who turned the place into a museum kept the rooms exactly how they were left by the prostitutes in 1988. It was pretty interesting, but may have been more so without the constant tantrums from D-Man. The last place you want your child rolling around on the floor is a brothel.

On our way back from Wallace, we stopped for lunch at the Snake Pit Restaurant. The Snake Pit features Rocky Mountain Oysters, which are not seafood. In the menu it says to ask for availability because sometimes the cows do not cooperate. I think that says it all.

While we were there they were available. So, Matt was brave enough to order them. They looked different than I expected. I thought they would be round and grosser looking. But, they were deep fried and sliced. We all decided to be brave and at least try them, yes even me. It was gross. But, I think maybe they wouldn't have seemed as gross if I didn't know what they were. Also, I think it would have helped if they were not served room temperature. As a general rule, I don't eat beef and haven't for years. This wouldn't qualify as something I would ever eat again, regardless of my vegetarian status.

I feel like I did some very "Idaho" things during that trip. Even having grown up within twenty minutes of the Snake Pit I never ate there before. Also, my Dad used to be teacher up in the Silver Valley, but he never took us to eat there. Go Figure. But, I can say my son has eaten there, although he didn't try the "oysters." He stuck with PB & J.


  1. Oh yes, the ol' rocky mountain oysters. I, like yourself don't eat red meat. If I do, it is few and far between. However, my previous employer always had their Christmas party at Wolf Lodge Inn, which has rocky mountain oysters on the menu. After about 4 microbrews on an empty stomach and plenty of harassment later, I too was willing to give them a try. Let's just say that will be the first and last time I eat them and what I previously thought would be fun, I have decided against going to the rocky mountain oyster festival in montana!!

  2. I loved that museum! Great place to visit (wouldn't wanta live there!).

    Linking to your blog from mine today. Good to see you bloggin.

  3. You know, even being a diehard vegetarian of lo these many years, I'd have to try them if I ever come across them. Not that I'd go outta my way. A friend said they're really tasty -- deep-fried fat. I don't believe him.